12 tips for mastering your morning routine.

12 tips for mastering your morning routine.

Why should you have a morning routine?
When you have a fantastic morning routine, you can start your every day with nothing short of greatness and positivity. Since each day begins in the morning, it is essential to create a morning routine that suits you best to stay and keep your entire day productive.

How beneficial is it to have a morning routine?

  • First, it significantly reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Second, it conditions your body, mind, and spirit positively so that you will be ready for the entire day.
  • Third, it improves your productivity and motivation significantly because it sets an excellent start for your day.
  • Finally, it gives you enough time to rest and prepare yourself for what the day brings.

Of course, we all know that maintaining a successful morning routine is not always easy for many people, and I’m certainly no different. Especially when the morning alarm goes off, it’s always so damn hard to leave your bed. However, having difficulty waking up in the morning has many reasons, such as medical conditions, sleep deprivation, stress, or other underlying condition. But for some of us, it is just a habit that we can’t let go of. So chances are, there are ways to create and maintain a successful morning routine to set yourself up for success.

Here are the Twelve Easy Tips For Mastering Your Morning Routine.

1) Plan your next day

Planning is one of the habits of highly effective people. When you plan something, you visualize it, and you make an effort to make it happen. It also improves your creativity. For example, planning your next day will significantly help in mastering your morning routine because it gives you a sense of purpose, future and looking forward to another day.

2) Get enough sleep

Adults are recommended to have at least 7 hours of sleep every night. When you get enough sleep, you will be able to re-energize, heal, and refresh your body and mind. In addition, this would help you master your morning routine because getting enough sleep will give you an automatic good mood in the morning when you wake up.

Daily checklist

3) Wake up early

Generally, the brain works optimally in the morning, so it is always best to wake up early so that you could accomplish more throughout the day. This could help you in mastering your morning routine because when you wake up early, you do not have to rush things, and you have all the time that you need to tackle each task at a time.

4) Make your bed

Making your bed when you wake up in the morning already gives you a sense of accomplishment. It is an excellent way to start your day because you already think you have accomplished something in your mind. Hence you will be ready to achieve more.

5) Make yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of water

After a long sleep at night, your body is a bit dehydrated and low in energy. So another great way to master your morning routine is to drink a glass of water or make yourself a cup of coffee. That way, your body will be rehydrated and re-energized before you go on and do your everyday tasks.

6) Do some exercises

Simple exercises such as yoga, stretching, workout, or jogging every morning can also boost our productivity. Maintaining it as your morning routine is very beneficial. Why? Because doing some physical activities will further wake up your body and mind and prepare you for the entire day. It gives you the strength and energy to go through your morning routine and finish the day with a smile on your face.

7) Take a shower

After you are done preparing, organizing, and doing some exercises, the next best thing to do is to take a shower. There is nothing more relaxing and refreshing than a shower in the morning. It helps you become more confident and more prepared to seize the day.

8) Eat a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast is composed of foods that have healthy carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. When you eat healthy in the morning, your body will function at its optimum levels. You will need this to master your morning routine and accomplish your tasks throughout the day.

9) Prioritize your tasks

You have to learn to compartmentalize and prioritize your tasks. You can set them under different categories and identify whether they are urgent, important, or not so significant. This will help you systematize your daily activities and increase your productivity.

10) Go to work early

If you wake up early and manage to do all your morning activities, you will have a great morning at work and probably stay creative and productive throughout your workday and get more done in less time. Going to work early also helps you master your morning routine as it gives you a sense of motivation responsibility each day.

11) Eat the frog

Not the frog in your lawn! When you say eat the frog, that means you have to go and do it even if you don’t feel like doing it. When you eat the frog, you do not procrastinate, and you go about your day with a sense of fulfillment.

12) Practice gratitude

Journal writing is an excellent way to collect all your thoughts and everything you have done in the day. It keeps your memory sharp, boosts your mood, and benefits your emotional health, and puts a sense of organization in your life. So, to master your morning routine, why not incorporate gratitude journaling? List down all the things you are grateful for every day and define an intention for the day. Sometimes I enjoy freewriting, just writing down my feelings without expectation makes me feel better.

Master your morning routine and get rid of your bad habits in your life.


I know that maintaining a successful morning routine is not that easy for many people. However, starting slow by going to bed 15-20 minutes earlier than before will gradually get you into a habit. Also, when deciding to maintain your morning routine, there should be something that drives you to do so. It may be your health, work, or anything that matters in your life. Either way, making this choice will help you see a significant change in your life.

7 thoughts on “12 tips for mastering your morning routine.

  1. I really enjoyed your post. I realize I need to do a lot more of these and get myself back to a routine. It definitely is hard as you mentioned. But as freelancers it is more necessary than we realize. I can always tell a difference in my confidence when I follow a routine. Very nice post!


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