4 House cleaning routine to enable you live a productive life.

4 House cleaning routine to enable you live a productive life.

2020 has transformed into the year nobody anticipated. What’s more, many of us are yet, battling to locate a daily practice after our reality has been flipped around. Regardless of how many people live in the house but managing house routine tends to be muddled now. Especially if there are small kids in the house who put you on the call 24/7. You may end up repeatedly doing the same tasks while trying to catch up with some of the things you love or the goals you want to achieve. Which, at some points, still makes you feel behind and overwhelming at the end of the day. This article will provide you with four simple house cleaning routines to enable you to get more done in less time and overcome your daily challenges to achieve your goals.

1. Make your day plan

Planning your day ahead of time will give you a chance to decide where you would like to begin your chores as soon as you wake up in the morning. Peacefully, you will be able to break down the duties in a chunk and have more time to tackle down each task at a time.

I always plan my day the night before and spread out my tasks evenly for the entire day with my three boys and one girl in my house. Setting aside 20 minutes planning my to-do list on my magnetic calendar helps me keep track of my day and gives me enough free time to do other things I love. Sometimes I start by cleaning my boys’ bedroom at night when they are getting ready for bed. I make sure to place all the toys in the toy box, clearing the clutter from the floor, and, if necessary, I pick up their laundry as soon as they are done taking a night bath. By doing so, I won’t bother them with noise from the vacuum in the morning when they are still in bed.

Daily tasks checklist

2. Wake up early

Being ahead of the clock will allow you to get much more done in less time. Because there won’t be anyone to assign you multiple tasks, such as “mom, help me brush my teeth, or mom, I want to eat something.” Those are things that make you digress, from cleaning your dishes to making breakfast for your family, even if you don’t want to. Because you can’t leave them starving just because you want to finish your chores. I know it’s not always easy for many people to wake up early, especially in winter. The darkness from outside may still send a signal to your brain that it’s still nighttime.

But most successful people say that leaving your bed before the sun rises is like winning your day.My husband goes to work around 6:30 am. That’s a perfect time I love waking up too.When I wake up early before my kids do, I can get much done without being distracted. I love starting my chores by making my bed, clearing the area, by putting away all the magazines, shoes, newspapers where they should be. Then I move on to the bathroom. I clean the toilet seat, wipe out the wall mirror and the floor as fast as possible.

I like starting with the toilet first because it is the busiest space when everyone wakes up. Also, I like to make sure the bathroom is disinfection before my kids walk in there. After that, I move on to the hallway, the kitchen and then the living area. If everyone is still in bed, I can only spend 1 hour doing my housework, which means if I woke up at 6:30 am., I will get done with my chores by 7:30 am. Doing this allows me to prepare a healthy breakfast for my kids without rushing. This strategy gives me more time to figure out what for lunch and dinner. It allows me to save money by not rushing to the nearest cafe for junk food. It brings smiles to my kids’ faces when they wake up and find that everything is ready for the day.

3. Monitor your time

You might wake up early, but if you spend too much time doing one task, that can result in a delay. That’s why you should monitor the time you spend when doing your chores. If you’re dusting your house, make sure it takes you about 20-25 minutes or less. It depends on how big your is. Remember that your daily chores shouldn’t be elbow grease, where you will need to reach every corner of your house. It should be something that takes you 1:30 minutes to get everything done, including doing your dishes or loading a dishwasher. It is best to set up a Clock for 15 minutes on each task, which will help you complete your chores in less time.

4. Avoid distractions

In some cases, you might be an early riser, but distractions always get in your way, and then it brings you stress when you catch yourself spending your entire day doing your chores. To make things work out, you shouldn’t bring your cell phone closer to you while working because it somewhat a major distracting in your productivity life. I like leaving my phone in my bedroom until I get everything done. If the TV is on, I instead turn it off too because something may come up on the screen that may catch my eyes.

Even if a notification beep from your phone keeps dragging your attention, consider turning it off. Allow your mind to focus on one thing at a time. It will enable you to save more time for other things you may want to catch up with. Once you have done with your chores and your house is well organized and sparkle, you will have more time doing other things you love. Such as working on your project, teaching your kids, or spending a good time with your family watching some TV programs with no worries about things you haven’t done yet. ​

That’s how I manage my house; it gives me plenty of time to stay productive, live stress-free, and save more.

12 thoughts on “4 House cleaning routine to enable you live a productive life.

  1. Great tips in this post! I especially love the wake up early tip. There is such a huge difference, for me, if I get up even a half hour before my kids. Planning the day really helps a ton, too. Thanks for the post! 🙂


  2. I find doing a little bit of cleaning every day makes the final weekly clean so much easier! And it makes surviving the week more manageable as well! Thanks for sharing these tips!


  3. Love this post! Each tip truly resonates with me. I Love love planning, I wake up early each day, Being mindful of my time and distractions is definitely a work in progress! haha.


  4. Great tips! I plan my day the night before and also wake up early. I love that I have a list of things to do especially since I can be easily distracted which means forgetting about completing tasks. Waking up early also helps me feel more productive because I can knock out items without any interruptions.

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com


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