12 Essentials your maternity bag must-have.

12 Essentials your maternity bag must-have.

Of course, being pregnant brings joy, excitement, anticipation as well as nervousness, and overwhelming. The purpose of this guide is to help you get all set up for the big day and make your maternity experience much more comfortable. You don’t want to arrive at the hospital, and then you realized you didn’t bring some essential documents with you or your comforting clothes. Although nurses don’t blame you, it feels awkward and uncomfortable when you find yourself in such a situation. If you are pregnant, the question you always ponder upon is, when is the right time your baby bump will pop? Well, if you are in your 36 or 37th month, you should probably have your maternity bag ready. But if you still haven’t figured it out, the essential things you need to bring. Let’s get down on the list so that you can get started—the 12 important things you should include in your maternity hospital bag.

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1) Important Document

having your documents such as health card, personal ID, and insurance cards handy as you arrive at the hospital is very important. These are the Documents you will need to present as soon as you arrive at the hospital. Place them at the easy to reach in your maternity bag because when having contractions, you might be distracted a little with pain to find those small cards in the bag. Place them where you will only need to shove your hand in a bag and reach them immediately.

2) Bathrobe

Wrap yourself in style and soft robe during labour and beyond. It is also useful for pacing around when having contractions and when you’re spending more than two days in the hospital. Including at least two robes in your hospital bag is very important.

3) Comfortable clothes

Right after you give birth, you will need to change your hospital gown to a maternity dress before you breastfeed your baby. Having a comfy, cotton or silk pair of 2 to 3 lounge wear in your maternity bag is necessary. It serves as a maternity dress and will give you a good sleep. Imagine what it would be like with those on. A robe is also an excellent choice to bring if you don’t like to wear pregnant clothing because you can quickly put it on and take it off.


Having cool-printed design socks is, in fact, fashion and comfort, so including it in your maternity bag is a must! Since the hospital unit will be a bit cold while the air conditioning is on, it will make you feel cozy. Include soaks, and just for additional comfort, bring your pillow and blanket in your maternity bag is important because you don’t know what to expect after giving birth.

5.)Nursing cover and maternity bras

It will make you comfortable feeding your baby. First-time moms usually are not used to breastfeeding in public. If you like your privacy, investing in a good quality nursing cover with plastic boning in front will make it easier. And because babies latch every 2 to 3 hours, having this is an excellent addition to your maternity bag. Bring maternity bras for easy access every time you breastfeed your little one, and bring maternity undies.

6) Baby essentials

As much as possible, bring only in small batches. Transfer it to a resealable bag because things like baby diapers come in big packages. The little newborn formula (optional) to be ready! And some washed and sanitized bottles. Although health professionals suggest that breastfeeding is best for your baby, you cannot be sure whether you can produce a lot of milk, which is common to new moms. Especially if your mother did not breastfeed, there would be a high chance that you, too, will have a low supply of milk.

7)A pacifier to help soothe a baby

There are many good orthodontic; it is easier to have this on hand before your big day. Alcohol, cotton, and distilled water should also be included in your maternity bag as well as baby clothes, some socks, mittens, bonnet or head cap, and a baby blanket.

8) A baby car seat

is not part of the hospital bag, but it is essential to bring a baby car seat. And a durable envelop you can put on every Document or receipt. It is vital to be organized so that you won’t misplace those things.

9) Toiletries

Things that are related to your hygiene will be your top priority. So go ahead and stuff a small bag full of these and slide it down inside your maternity bag. If you opt to shower right after you regain your strength from those gruesome contractions, you can indulge yourself with those botanical aromas and anti-bacterial soap and shampoo. You can also bring dry shampoo just in case you don’t want your hair wet. Include some lip balm because your lips will tend to be dry after your labour if you like to take pictures, yes, of course! Together with your lovely baby, a small pouch with all the necessary make-ups like a simple lip tint, eyebrow pencil and light bb cream will do wonders on your first pictures with the baby. Though optional, it is always nice to look more presentable because it is usually shared in your family, close friends, and personal social media account.

10) Towels

It’s essential to bring small towels and a medium towel for yourself and your baby. Even if the hospital provides those things, but you might don’t know what will happen, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic; things may have changed. Having all the necessary items you may need on your big day will make you feel comfortable during your hospital stay.

11) Long phone cable charger and power bank

I bet you can never stop thanking your family and friends, congratulating you on social media after you post your newborn baby pictures. Be prepared to have a long cable phone charger because the electrical socket may be far from hospitals’ beds. And having this prevents you from getting up all the time to check your phone. If you have a power bank, it’s basically for your husband or whoever will be there with you during delivery. It is helpful because you don’t have to wait when somebody else is using the charger. Besides, you can’t help but post cute pictures and videos of your baby online. And believe me! It will do all the battery draining on your phone.

12) Comfort food

It is always nice to have some of your favorite snacks that are handy and ready to eat. After you have given birth, you will be up all the time to feed your baby. This is a quick fix whenever hunger pangs strike you. Bringing in some in your maternity bag is very convenient. To sum up, if you don’t want to look like a fool in front of doctors and nurses and make your life uncomfortable on your big day, take my advice.

Follow these tips to help you to prepare the essential things you need for your maternity bag. You can always customize, depending on your needs. The earlier you prepared your maternity bag, the better. Trust me; you’ll be glad you did.

7 thoughts on “12 Essentials your maternity bag must-have.

  1. Packing a good go bag is essential! During my last birth, an emergency came up, and I was whisked to surgery, the first thing I asked is “who will feed my baby”?! Luckily the hospital had formula with individual bottles and nipples. Covid really does make everything unknown now!


  2. What an excellent list! This is pretty much exactly what I brought for both of my kiddos and I’m happy I had it all. I brought my own blanket with my youngest and that was really nice having something warm and snuggly that reminded me of home (even though it was a short stay) 🙂


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