Top 10 Pregnancy gift ideas

Top 10 Pregnancy gift ideas

Of course, every pregnant comes with different symptoms and discomforts, and it varies from woman to woman. Also comes with various side effects for each child. Some women may not experience any symptoms for their first child but get a lot of discomfort for their second child. That’s what happened to me when I was expecting my first child. I didn’t experience morning sickness (nausea), and in fact, I didn’t even know that I was pregnant until I started seeing my belly growing bigger.If it wasn’t for my big sister to urged me to see my doctor, I could have given birth unexpectedly. However, when I was expecting my second and third child, I had a lot of discomforts ranging from morning sickness to Hemorrhoids. To make things worse, I also started bleeding during my second trimester, which was absolutely a bad sign for a pregnant woman.

Our topic in this article is about preparing a pregnant gift basket for your loved ones. Regardless of who’s growing their family, it can be your relatives, your friend, your coworker, or someone special to you. Showing your support during this delightful time of progress and expectation will tell how excited you’re for them. But it also essential to know what you can put in that gift basket. And it should be something thoughtful and worthy to a person you’re supporting. I know this can’t be easy, especially if a man is preparing a pregnant gift or has never done this before.But don’t worry, I have selected some useful items that most women called pregnant survival kits. The bundle I picked here is all from my personal experience, and I have been using them during my four pregnancies. They have helped me a lot, and I still use some of them.

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#1 Postpartum Obesity cream. Or Palmer’s Cocoa Butter:

One of the most common annoyance things most women hate during pregnancy and after birth is the stretch marks. They usually appear between five or six months of pregnancy, and they streak around the breast, hips, belly, or arms. This long, narrow pinkish steak occurs because of the changes in elastic fibres when pressure from rapid skin stretches and weight gain occurs. However, there are many ways to treat them, but they should be treated as soon as they appear before they turn into thin white lines, which may make them difficult to treat. That’s why it is important to include palmer’s Cocoa Butter or Postpartum Obesity cream into the basket gift.

Because almost every woman will appreciate something that helps alleviate their worries.​I first started using Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for my second and third pregnancies; it is an excellent lotion with great moisturizing and didn’t make my skin greasy but left it soft. For my last pregnancy, I decided to try something new and went by Postpartum Obesity cream. I still have this cream in my house. I love its unique smell and intensely moisturize and soak into the skin instantly that lasts a good day without leaving any sticky or sweaty. These pregnant creams have helped to keep my skin less stretchy and elastic.

#2 Earth Mama balm:

The most common problem for breastfeeding women is nipple sore; they come from poor latching, unproperly use of breast bump, or infections. And once they developed, they can lead to difficulty breastfeeding and may result in a lower supply of breast milk. I once got nipple sores for my first child. Oh man, my life was miserable.I had no idea there could be something to get rid of them, and my baby was just one week old. I had no affordable income to provide infant formula for my baby every day. So, there was no way to stop breastfeeding as she was too young. But I suffered from pain; whenever my baby woke up, I’d start crying, thinking of the pain I will get when I held her mouth against my nipple. My baby started losing weight, and the sores didn’t go away until one of my friends came over for a visit. She saw how I’d struggled to breastfeed my baby. And then she introduced me to the Earth Mama. This balm acted like a magic wand; as soon as I started using it, all the sores disappeared and made my nursing life pleasant. I love the fragrance of this balm; it smells natural and offered the moisture I needed. I wish I knew about it as soon as I started nursing. As a gift buyer, something like this will be appreciated a lot.

#3 third-trimester tea

Third-trimester tea is also a great herb tea for pregnancy comfort and childbirth preparation. I found out about this when I was suffering from leg cramps during my fourth pregnancy. The product itself is excellent and tasty. It helped me relieve leg cramps, and I love its minty flavour, which made me relax every time I drink it. I would recommend this herb to every gift buyer to include it in the basket. And I believe that every expectant woman will appreciate something like this included in their pregnant gift.

#4 Mugs

Mugs are a beautiful gift, but they should have a unique, meaningful note on them that shows why a particular mug should be considered a gift. Mommy Est 2020 Mug – Proud New Mom to Be – is the best Sentimental Gifts for Expectant Parents. It will be a cherished keepsake because it has a special meaning on it.

#5 Body and Bath ocean package

You may also choose to include something like a Body and Bath ocean package with a load of five pieces of bath accessories. I first purchased this bath gift as a birthday present for my friend. Just from her comments, I ended up repurchasing it for myself. I love the quality of the product. The set includes shower gel, bath salt, bubble bath, and soap. The all set is adorable, and it smells beautiful, not overwhelming. As a mother of four, I think this is something I needed. The bubble bath had my body feel relaxed and leaves my skin feeling soft. I enjoy the fragrance is fresh and subtle. This is an excellent gift for your loved ones.

#6. A U-shape pillow

As the pregnant grows bigger, it brings a lot of discomfort to most women, including heartburn, neck pain and backache. Getting a great sleep quality becomes a challenge. A U-shape pillow for side sleeping will be helpful in this stage of pregnancy. It’s soft, supportive, snuggly and giant. It helps expectant moms lie on the side position and align their knees and hips, which helps relieve their spine pressure. This is a fabulous gift for a pregnant woman coping with their last 36 weeks of pregnancy.

#7. Pregnant journal

A pregnant period is a moment filled with joy, excitement, anticipation, as well as a lot of emotions, stress, nervousness, and overwhelming. To keep those highlights which, for some reason, can be quickly faded away as years go by, a pregnant journal has become useful in this case. To help capture every meaningful memory, which will provide not only the reason to look back, but a mom will have something precious to show a child when he/she gets older. Having something like this included in the basket will allow her to record those weird and unforgettable moments about her pregnancy and will be appreciated a lot.

#8. Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Many expectant women struggle to find the right resources for pregnancy information. But if you want a well-research source of information regarding health pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery. I recommend the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy (second Edition). This book has loads of information but not overwhelming, from week-by-week updates on baby’s growth to month-by-month changes that a mom can expect. This book is very informative; most of all, everything a mom needs to know about her baby’s development is there. It’s a great go-to book when seeking general information. I highly recommend this to the gift buyer and everyone, including those planning to become pregnant.

#9. Great nutrition pregnant books

The food a pregnant woman eats is the primary source of nourishment for the baby, so eating healthy while pregnant is essential; it helps promote the baby’s growth and development. And every mom knows how important it is for them to consume the right food during pregnancy. However, it can be a little overwhelmed if they get too much information at once. That’s why one of these books should be included in the basket.

Your Vegetarian Pregnancy

A Month-by-Month Guide to Health and Nutrition should be included in the basket. This is a great book for someone who is a vegetarian/vegan. It provides all the information a mom needs to know about vitamins/minerals that she hopes to get from her food. It is a useful reference guide and helpful that they listed sources of nutrients by food type.

The Whole 9 Months

A Week-By-Week Pregnancy Nutrition Guide with Recipes a Healthy Start. This book provides a lot of information about how a mom-to-be can just gain the right amount of weight. It is an interesting and approachable book every pregnant woman should read. And most importantly, the whole family will also enjoy the delicious healthy recipes from this book. So, having it included in the pregnant in a gift basket will be appreciated.

#10. Bump Boxes 3rd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box

As a pregnancy mom made it to her third trimester, she becomes anxious, worried about her delivery, and that normal, we all feel the same. That’s why a third-trimester gift box will help pumper a mom-to-be as she approaches her due date. The package includes 6 personal care products and baby essentials, handpicked by moms who have all been there. If you’re looking for a perfect gift that will help to ease her mind, I recommend the Bump Boxes 3rd Trimester pregnancy gift!

When preparing a pregnant gift, find something thoughtful and practical that she will love and something that will contribute to her exciting journey. Something that will relieve her worries and will become a keepsake.

Now that you get a gist of some essential items you should include in the pregnant gift basket, then have fun in your gift preparation. ​​​​

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