Free Printable Thanksgiving Gratitude family Game.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Gratitude family Game.

It’s a glorious moment to gather around with your family and friends and share some wonderful memories and stories that you’re thankful for. This simple game will help everyone, including children, to think of everything they are grateful for. It’s a fun way to get everyone talking about what they are thankful for and sharing stories together. It’s also a perfect activity that teaches kids the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving Day, and the importance of being always grateful for everything they have in their lives. A splendid game for family gatherings will surely fill the room with so much joy and a lot of fun.

Supplies needed to play the Thanksgiving gratitude game

All you need for this simple and fun game is the M&M’s or colourful sticks and a printable gratitude game. If you choose to use the pickup sticks, it’s always best to make sure you have enough colours sticks that match the colours you have on the game page. As for M&M’s, you can use the mini bag of M&Ms, a fun-sized package of M&Ms.


A. To play the gratitude game with the M&Ms

  1. Print out the gratitude game PDF and place it in the centre of the table, or you can print a few copies so that each player can have a copy in front of them for game instructions.
  2. You will need a simple bag of M&Ms or a fun-size bag, then have everyone sit in a circle or around the table
  3. Give everyone a bag of M&Ms or a full spoon of M&Ms in front of them.
  4. Then have everyone take turns to name something they are grateful for with the corresponding colour of M&M they picked.
  5. Once the person says what they are grateful for, they get to eat the M&M.
  6. If a player gets the M&M colour they already filled, you can either let them eat or put it aside. Keep going around the circle until everyone filled out their entire thankful page.

That’s it! The game is simple and fun to play with kids, plus you don’t need a lot of supplies to play this fun game with your family. Just print out the game PDF for free and you can get the M&Ms at the corner store near your home.

B. To play the gratitude game with pickup sticks

  1. Print out the game card and place it at the centre of the table or, just like the M&Ms above, make a few copies and distribute them to every player.
  2. And then hold the colourful sticks in your hands, then drop them on the table randomly.
  3. Have each player take a turn pulling a stick from the pile, and name something they’re grateful for with a corresponding colour.
  4. If you want to make your game more interesting, you can turn it into a competition. For example, having players pull out the pickup sticks from the pile without moving other sticks. If you get other sticks to move, you lose your turn. That means you have to wait for another round. The player with the most sticks at the end of the game wins. Trust me, you will see how people’s hands will shiver when it’s their turn to pull the sticks from the pile, and that makes the game more interesting.

My family and I like to play with the pickup sticks option because my kids love the slight challenge of the game rule, and the prize they get when they win. My youngest son always messes up, and he always ends up begging for the prize when he loses. And the rest of the kids would go like, “that’s not fair!”

You can play the gratitude game any time or any day with your family and friends, but with a Thanksgiving party, you can get your family to play this fun family game either before dinner while they are waiting for the big feast or after dinner, or anytime you think is best to play it.

It’s best to have some gift prizes stickers with you to entice kids.

Download a free printable PDF here and have fun with your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Gratitude Game

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