Free Printable Thanksgiving Charades Game.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Charades Game.

Are you planning to host a Thanksgiving party this year? Then add this Thanksgiving charades free printable game to your list. Charades game is a family-friendly activity that will fill your house with a lot of fun and excitement after a buffet dinner. It is also a perfect game that won’t cost you a dime and time for preparation.

I remember the first time I played a charades game in high school I wasn’t a big fan of the game at the beginning, but as soon as I noticed how the game changed the atmosphere of everyone in the classroom, it became my favourite game since. We play charades with my kids not only on Thanksgiving Day but at any family gathering. This game always brings laughter and excitement to everybody in my house. It improves bonding opportunities in our family and enhances creative thinking in our children. My kids are all good at both guessing and acting, but it’s a shame I can’t say the same about my husband and me.

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Charades Game for Adults

Supplies you need to prepare for the Thanksgiving Charades Game

  • You’ll need a Thanksgiving charades word list-you can download a free printable below or you can create your own word list. It’s up to you.
  • You’ll need a bowl/Jar-because that’s where you’ll put the charades word list
  • A scissor to help you cut the word list
  • Timer to set a time limit for the game
  • You’ll need paper, or a small board to record the score.
  • A pen/sharpie to help you write the score.

How to play the Thanksgiving Charades Game?

Charades Game for kids
  1. The first step is to download and print a PDF game sheet at the end of the post and then cut the word list into pieces, as shown in the photo above.
  2. Place the word list in a bowl /jar to mix them up.
  3. Divide your players into two groups or more. It depends on how big your family is.
  4. Explain the game rules to your players. The primary rule of the charades game is no talking, and that team has to guess the clue as soon as possible within the time limit.
  5. Choose the team to go to first. Every player from each team would come to the front and pick out the word or topic from the bowl, then the player would act it out without sounding it out. The other players will have to guess what is being acted out correctly before the timer goes off.
  6. If the team guesses the word correctly within a time limit, they earn a point. Then the next team will go and their fellow team member will pick a topic and do the same. You can set a time limit between one to two minutes. If the team members cannot guess the clue within a time limit, they lose a point. The process goes back and forth like this until the word lists are gone. The team with more points at the end of the game wins!

Download The Free Printable Thanksgiving Charades Topics below.

There are two visions of printable charades games. The vision with pictures on it is excellent if you have small kids who can’t read yet. The picture will give them hints. And it is also an opportunity for them to improve their vocabulary and enhance their reading skills while having fun. So feel free to download both visions if you have small kids.

Enjoy your free download, and we wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving Day!

Free printable Charades Game for adults and kids

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