Thanksgiving Family Dice Game (Printable)

Thanksgiving Family Dice Game (Printable)

Grab your free printable Thanksgiving dice game to create a memorable fun time with your family after the dinner party. It is always good to have a list of activities handy for your guests before or after dinner. This Thanksgiving dice game is a fun table activity that allows everyone to say something they are thankful for or share an inspiring story around the table. This dice game is super easy to play. Both children and adults can enjoy the game, and it allows kids to reflect and share their own experiences of gratitude and how they feel. This game is also perfect during class activities using the Thanksgiving Theme, or at the workplace during the team gathering.

Material required for the game prep.

  • You need a printer for you to download the game card at the end of the post and printout.
  • A small box or a bowl that you can use to roll the dice
  • You will need white papers like these ones for printing
  • You need a die

How to play the Thanksgiving Dice Game?

To play this Thanksgiving Dice Game is simple. All you have to do is to take turns rolling the dice and finish the prompt sentences written on the dice game card. (e.g., if you roll the die on the side with one eye, you will complete the first sentence on the game card). Keep going around the circle until everyone has rolled the die and played. The game instruction is included on the card so everyone can read and know what to do. If children are involved and do not know how to read, adults can help them by reading the prompts, and then letting the kids finish the sentences. That’s it. This would be a fun activity to do around the table before or after your buffet meal. It’s a fun and perfect way to let everyone have a chance to share stories and memories they are grateful for throughout the year. To help remind each other of things to be thankful for.

Download the printable below and have fun with your family.

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