Free Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt Game

Free Printable Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt Game

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This free printable Turkey Hunt game activity will keep your young guests busy while you put on the finishing touches to your feast.

As we all know, Thanksgiving is about family gatherings, dinner parties, and having fun together. And I must admit that Thanksgiving is one of my favorite family gathering events. If you have been my reader for a while, you must have noticed that I have shared many Thanksgiving game printables in my previous posts. This is because I am preparing for this fantastic family day and hosting a Thanksgiving dinner party this year. So while I am getting myself ready, preparing a few fun Thanksgiving activity sheets for the big party. I am also sharing tips and tricks with my readers. So here is another Thanksgiving-free printable. You’re welcome to download the game sheet for free at the end of the post and be ready to entertain your children and your young guests on thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt is an excellent game for kids of all ages. Think of it as an Easter egg hunt with a Thanksgiving twist. But, of course, it gets even more fun if adults are involved.

Material required for game prep.

The good thing about the Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt game is that it doesn’t require a lot of work for prep. Most supplies are things we use every day at home.

  1. Download the game sheet below, printout, and cut the squares as shown in the photo above.
  2. Printer for you to print the game sheet
  3. Paper/ cardstock for better printing results.
  4. Scissor
  5. Tape
  6. Pen/pencil (option)
  7. Game prizes (optional)

How To play?

You can play Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt Game in different ways as follows:

Option 1. Cut and hide printable turkeys in the rooms, backyard, or wherever you plan to host the hunt. Then have everyone go around hunting the hidden turkeys. Whoever finds the most wins the game. Option 2. You can choose to hide the numbered turkey cards in the rooms, backyard, or anywhere you are hosting n your turkey hunt game. Then assign each team or child a color, and they must find the rest of the four colors that match their assigned color. The first team found the assigned turkey card colors win. You can also choose to set up a time if you want to make your turkey Hunt more interesting.

This game is simple to prepare but has a lot of fun. Your children will enjoy going on the hunt with their little cousins while adults are catching up.

Download the printable here.

This free printable is for personal use only. All the freebies on this website are licensed for personal use. Digital reselling,  or sharing is not allowed. 

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