18 Thanksgiving Day activities to do with your family.

18 Thanksgiving Day activities to do with your family.

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Thanksgiving Day is one of the popular National holidays in the USA and Canada, celebrating the harvest and blessings of the past year. It is also a great time to be grateful for what you have achieved in the past year as a family. The holiday takes place on the second Monday of October in Canada. Which is (Monday, October 10th, 2022), and the fourth Thursday of November in the United States (Thursday, November 24th, 2022).

Of course, every family has a unique way they celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Some people find this day as the only chance to reunite with their extended families, and it depends on their cultural background. 

Most American families celebrate Thanksgiving Day by gathering with their loved ones and having fun together. While preparing a special dinner, which includes roast turkey, vegetarian stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry, gravy, pumpkin pie, corn, sauce, and other dishes.

However, Thanksgiving Day isn’t only about having a buffet dinner; many activities happen on this family day. 

If you are planning to host a Thanksgiving dinner/party at your house, you better get your home and yourself ready for the day. You don’t want people complaining about getting bored while waiting to carve a turkey. Especially, if there are restless kids around, prepare them with some fun activities while adults are catching up.

For that reason, we’ve collected some activity ideas that you can prepare on Thanksgiving Day to help your guests stay active and motivated. 

Here are the 18 best activities and games you can play on Thanksgiving Day.

1. Thanksgiving Bingo Cards

These Autumn fall bingo cards are a must-have party supply on Thanksgiving Day. Bingo is an easy and fun game for after dinner. Playing bingo games will be a good way for kids to make friends and get families closer. Kids could enjoy playing this amazing Thanksgiving bingo game and make your Thanksgiving party full of laughter. The package includes 26 sheets of unique Thanksgiving bingo player cards, 26 sheets of turkey stickers (28 pcs per sheet, in a total of 728pcs), 1 sheet of calling card, and 1 sheet of game instruction card. Shop Bingo Cards.

2. Family Feud Trivia Box Card Game.

This Family Feud card game can easily turn your Thanksgiving Day into a great party game. As long as you have what it takes to challenge your guests and your family on Thanksgiving evening. The good thing about this classic game show is that it is easy to play with both adults and children, and you can play it anywhere. Every game lover will enjoy playing this Family Feud card game because it has so much fun, just like the real vision. Except that you will miss the buzzer and Steve Harvey. Shop on Amazon.

3. Pie Face Game

This exciting Pie Face Game is filled with fun, laughter, and suspense, and somebody’s bound to get splatted. It is definitely a fun and very entertaining game you should try with your family or friends on Thanksgiving evening. The player would load the Hasbro game’s hand with delicious whipped cream or the wet sponge. Then they will start turning the handles. It could go off at any time. Just keep your fingers crossed and hope you’re not the one who gets a splat in the face from this rocket game. You score a point every time you turn the crank without getting hit. The one who scores 25 first wins. Take some risks and hope for the best. This is a hilarious and fun game for the whole family. The package includes 1 pie thrower, 1 throwing arm, 2 handles, chin rest, splash guard mask, spinner, sponge, and game guide. You can use your home whipped cream if you. Shop Pie Face Game.

4. Turkey Scratch-Off Party Game Cards 

If you want to give your guests the best time at your thanksgiving dinner, then these 30-pack Turkey scratch-off cards shouldn’t be missed on your list. Turkey scratch-off cards are always a favorite Thanksgiving party game with adults, kids, family, and friends. The package includes 30 scratch tickets, pack-5 winner cards, and 25 losing cards. Shop on Amazon.

5. Thanksgiving Turkey Tag Games

If you want to keep your young guests busy, get them out and running around on Thanksgiving day with this turkey tag game! Make some tail feathers for them out of clothespins. Kids get clothespins pinned on their backs. Then the person in charge yells, “Run, Turkey, Run!” Kids would run and get clothespins off others. The person who gets all the pines off wins. This is the most easily adaptable game for kids of different ages and skill levels. It also allows kids to burn off energy and excitement and gives them a healthy dose of exercise as well. Shop clothespins on Amazon.

6. Family Mad Libs

If you want to make your Thanksgiving event filled with a lot of fun and laughter, then you try Family Mad Libs. This is a fun and straightforward game for the whole family! It can make every person in the room laugh. To play this game is simple. Mad Libs come with stories with blank spaces, then one player will act as the “reader” and asks the other players, who haven’t seen the story, to fill in the blanks with nouns, adjectives, punctuation, and more. And then the story is read aloud for hilarious results. There are no winners or losers, just laughter. Even the saddest person in the room will end up laughing. Shop On Amazon.

7. Hand Turkey Race

Hand Turkey Game is best for both adults and children. This is an interesting and busy Thanksgiving activity. Will keep everyone busy as they work to create a perfect hand turkey. Whoever finishes first is the winner. Or, you can play differently, where you choose one or two people as judges, and the rest of the group draw their hands and have the chosen persons judge their drawing. Follow the Tutorial on how to draw your Hand Turkey.

8. Thanksgiving Charade Game

This game is significant to play after Thanksgiving dinner. A few things I like about this game are that it is easy to play and you don’t need many supplies to play it. All you have to do is to write out some charade words on the piece of paper and place them in the jar to mix them up. To play his game, divide your guests into two groups and set up a timer. You will choose one player to act out a word or phrase without sounding it out. Then the other players will guess the word or phrase correctly before the timer goes off. Each time the team guesses the word right, they get one point. The group that guesses the most words correctly is the winner. Or you can choose to play it individually, instead of in a group. One player will act out a chosen word or phrase, and the other players will guess the word. Whoever guesses correctly prior to the timer going off will be the next one to act on another word or phrase.

Download your free printable here to get started.

9. Thanksgiving Gratitude Game

You can play the gratitude game any time of the year, but it’s very thoughtful when playing on occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve. It gets people to think about what they are thankful for. It also reminds kids of the reason for the season while having fun. This game has three options to play; option #1 is: Share a Gratitude. Invite everyone to write 3 or more things that they’re grateful for over the past year. Then everyone can go around the table and share one thing on their list, or more. Option #2 is: I Am Grateful For YOU! This is a significant activity for smaller groups where everyone knows each other. Write the name of each guest at the top of one card. These name cards can also double as place settings on your dinner table. Once everyone is seated, have everyone pass their card to the person on their right. Everyone then writes one thing about that person they appreciate, then will passe the card again to the right. Once the cards have gone around the table, each person will have a card filled with encouraging notes of appreciation. It’s a fun party favor to take home and makes all of your party guests feel great! The last option goes as follows. That Gratitude.

Everyone writes three or more things that they’re grateful for, then puts their card into a basket. Choose one person and have them draw a card from the basket, reading out loud one gratitude on that card.

Then everyone else tries to guess who wrote that gratitude! Once you find who the card belongs to, return it to them, and pass the basket along to the next person, to draw another card. For this option, be sure to inform everyone ahead of time that their list will be read out loud to the group. Shop on Amazon.

10. Thanksgiving Placemats for Kids

Looking for a fun but simple Thanksgiving activity for your kids? These coloring paper table mats are a great thanksgiving activity for kids. They are easy and fun activities to keep your young guests of all ages entertained during Thanksgiving dinner. Kids can paint the placemats any color they want. The placemat activities stimulate kids’ imagination and practical abilities. Shop on Amazon.

11. Turkey Hunt

Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt is a great game for kids of all ages. It gets even more fun if adults are involved. Think of it as an Easter egg hunt with a Thanksgiving twist. To play, you will have to cut and hide printable turkeys in the rooms, backyard, or wherever you plan to have the hunt. Then have everyone go around hunting the hidden turkeys. Whoever finds the most wins the game. Download the printable here.

12. Thanksgiving Family Walking Game

A fun family Thanksgiving game/activity that will keep your guests busy while you put on the finishing touches to your feast. A family walk game is a great opportunity to have your guests get out and stay active in the fresh air while having fun. It is a healthy activity for both adults and children, but to keep your young guests engaged in this activity, entice them with kids-friendly games and a little competition. You can play games like.

  • I-spy with letters, or colors for the younger kids
  • Catch or kick, take a ball with you while you walk, and toss it from one person to another without dropping it.
  •  Scavenger Hunt: You can list down things you want your kids to spot while walking. Find out more family walk game ideas at Very Well Family.

13. Thanksgiving Turkey Waddle

A Turkey Waddle is a great game that the whole family can play and will cause a lot of laughter. To play Turkey Waddle, you will need an inflatable turkey or a balloon per team. Then set a starting point and an endpoint. It shouldn’t be very long or very short. About 40 feet apart can do. Split your players into two groups or more. It depends on how many people you have. To play, each team player has to take a turn completing the course from starting point to the endpoint with the turkey between their legs without touching or dropping it. They then will pass the turkey to the next player. If the player drops the turkey, they will return to the starting point and start over. The first team to have all the players complete the task wins! Shop on Amazon.

14. Scavenger Hunt 

If you want to make your Thanksgiving Day more fun and exciting, then a Scavenger hunt idea is for you. It’s a great game, especially if the extended family is involved. It’s an opportunity to get your guests occupied while having fun hunting together and building the family bond. To play, you have to create a list of items you want them to find and hide them around the house or in your backyard. Or you can choose to have them find items for you. You could split your family into groups and give each group a list of items you want them to find. If you want to take your scavenger hunt game to the next level, you can choose to set up a timer, or a song. The first team which finds all the items on the list before the timer goes off or the song ends wins. Download a printable here.

15. Turkey Trot

Turkey trots are more about the family-friendly atmosphere; have your family join this community event to get their blood moving up while having fun and enjoying the festive spirit. Turkey Trot is a race held on the morning of Thanksgiving, and most of the courses range in distance from 3.1 miles to 8 miles. But if children are involved, the course can range from 1km. Turkey Trot provides a perfect way for families to kill time together and make room for the feast to come.

16. Thankfulness Tag

Thankfulness Tag is a great way to help kids learn gratitude, and get them to understand all the greatest gifts in their lives. Thankfulness Tag is like the normal tag kids play. But the only difference is that instead of saying the famous singer that no one has mentioned before you, you will shout out something you’re thankful for when you’re about to get tagged. If you get tagged, you become a chaser or take a break. This would be a wonderful family game on Thanksgiving day and a great way to work up an appetite before an enormous meal is served.

17. Family Photo Album

There is nothing better than looking through an old family photo album with your family on Thanksgiving Day. Invite everyone to the table to reminisce about those special moments, such as wedding pictures, birth pictures, Travels, and more events. It gets even more interesting if the grandpa or grandma is around, and kids get to ask them questions. This will surely stir up many precious memories and inspiration.

18. Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

When you’re done with your turkey dinner and your Thanksgiving desserts.  The table has been cleared, and the leftover turkey has been put away; it’s time to slip into your pajamas and cuddle up with your family, and friends, and watch one or two of the best Thanksgiving movies. There are a lot of fun Thanksgiving movies out there you can enjoy with your family on after the dinner buffet. Check out on Amazon.

Remember, Thanksgiving Day isn’t only about family and friends; if you have a neighbor whom you think may be happy to join your family feast, do not hessite to invite them over. Trust me, it will be more fun to have more people joining you on this day.

Happy Thanksgiving Day I wish you and your families the best holiday season!

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