If you ever find yourself wondering how to entertain your home, how to come up with creative plans for the family, or figuring out how to get things done on time, you can do this! That’s why  Parent Smart Ideas does exist to give you tips, tricks, and strategies to take care of yourself, your family, and your home and keep your sanity in the process. 

Weekly to dos freebies

Enjoy your free weekly  To-Dos printable checklist with customizable week numbers. In addition, this checklist printable contains days of the week and plain spaces to jot your to-do list, which helps to increase your productivity.

Freebies positive self-affirmation

Positive thinking is a powerful way to improve your health, reduce stress and level up your self-esteem.  This positive and self-love affirmative is important for both men and women to improve your well-being. . Enjoy your free printable and read it aloud to yourself daily. 

Freebies monthly goals.

Set your monthly goals with the simple monthly goal planner. This 12-month’s section will help your set your goals for each month and focus on what matters to improve your productivity in 2021.

freebies housecleaning planners

Enjoy your free daily, weekly  & monthly house cleaning Planners 8.5×11 | 12 Updated pages | Schedule Daily To-Do Lists | increase your Productivity in less than 20 Minutes a week.

free maternity bag checklist

Enjoy your free maternity bag checklist. This printable will help you stay organized and pack only the essentials in your maternity bag. The list is not only for the baby and mom but for the dad as well.

free weekly planners

This weekly planner has 12 Updated Sheets. The weekly planning sheets are blank, so you can use them for any week of the year. They help keep you on task and organized in your daily life.

Daily task checklist

This printable planner will allow you to shape your day better, be more productive and set yourself for success. You can download as much as you want and save it where it can easily be reached. 

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